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Ban Kiri Wong: Nature’s Ultimate Getaway

Ban Kiri Wong Nakhon Si Thammarat

Ban Kiri Wong Nakhon Si Thammarat

Ban Kiri Wong is the tranquility and serenity it offers. Immersed in the rural lifestyle, visitors find themselves embraced by the village atmosphere nestled amidst hills. The sounds of flowing water through rocky channels and the gentle flow of a small river weaving through the village create a unique ambiance. This has transformed Ban Kiri Wong into a model community for environmentally sustainable tourism, earning it the prestigious Thailand Tourism Awards in 1998 in the category of “City and Community.

Location and History:

Ban Kiri Wong is situated in the Kamlon sub-district, Lansaka district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province. It is a small community that embraces nature and communal living. Originally named “Ban Khun Nam” due to its proximity to mountain springs, it later became “Ban Kiri Wong,” signifying a village surrounded by hills.

Charm of Ban Kiri Wong:

Ban Kiri Wong exudes a charm that leaves a lasting impression on travelers. The tranquility and quietness define the community, allowing visitors to experience the rural way of life. The atmosphere is enriched with natural vistas, the sound of flowing water through rocky channels, and a small river meandering through the village.

Suspension Bridge Tha Ha

Suspension Bridge Tha Ha

Suspension Bridge Tha Ha” is a captivating tourist destination within Ban Kiri Wong, immersed in a village brimming with the charm of nature and the rural lifestyle of the community. This suspension bridge spans a considerable length, suspended over the river, connecting the two sides of the village

Interesting Activities:

Homestays in Nature: Travelers can relax in homestays provided by the locals, offering a close connection to nature and the community’s way of life.
Local Shopping: The Ban Kiri Wong market showcases intriguing local products, including jewelry, batik fabrics, and herbal products.

Ban Kiri Wong Key Tourist Attractions:

Ban Kiri Wong Bridge: A beautiful and well-known bridge, perfect for photography.
Wang Mai Pak Waterfall: A small waterfall located near the village entrance, surrounded by pristine nature.

kiriwong at nakhon si thammarat

kiriwong at nakhon si thammarat


Ban Kiri Wong is a captivating and charming tourist destination. Visitors who have the opportunity to explore this village will experience the serenity and beauty of nature, coupled with the rural lifestyle. Whether staying in homestays, enjoying the river, or shopping for local products, every activity enhances the travel experience, creating unforgettable memories.

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